Social Media’s Impact – Digital Reporting is the Future

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The rapid growth of digital media, especially the use of social media has started to create a change in how news stories are told today. Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and other blogging sites enables a much more “connected” community and any individual can self-publish by means of these platforms. Citizen journalism has become the tag for these individuals carrying these networking devices. One of the major problems with citizen journalism is that the facts usually can’t be verified; nor can you be completely sure it is not being used to promote an agenda.

Due to social media rapidly expanding, journalism as a whole has begun to change. Therefore, through this new digital age new types of jobs will be created. In return, traditional media (newspapers) will be outdated and arguably non-existent. 

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The major for concerns for traditional journalists due to the boom of social media are job losses. For journalism students on the other hand is to find  a job once they have completed their degree. Peter Fray, a former editor at The Sydney Morning Herald and now a media lecturer at the University of Sydney, saysalthough graduates with journalism skills are still in demand, they are more likely to work creating content for health funds or banks. As the media is broken down into smaller organisations over the coming decade, traditional cadetships (already now uncommon) are likely to disappear.” The Herald Sun offered six cadetships last year, whilst Fairfax suspended traineeships altogether in 2008.

In 2012 the Herald Sun appointed their first “social media editor”. This is an example of what sort of jobs are around already and a hint at what jobs may be just around the corner. It is also a recognition by the industry that social media is changing journalism and that the ability to communicate engaging journalism across different mediums is important from a job-seeking perspective.