Reflection – Assessment #1

NPR Producer Aaron Henkin writes: “When people tell you a story, it’s like they’re singing you a song. Every voice has it’s own musicality, it’s own tone and timbre. And even just a little half-sentence fragment can go in through your ear and tell you something profound about a person’s soul.” For my first journalism assignment in second semester I really wanted to try and encompass this to my best ability. Looking back I think I achieved some of the elements I wanted too but there were definitely things I could’ve done better.

Firstly, I was going to use a close friend of mine who studies at Brent Street Theatre School in Sydney and I was going to highlight her connection to stage as her chosen place. I managed to get a few photos of her but we agreed to meet up again to do the interview. Unfortunately, her rehearsals took up most of her time and she cancelled on me. 

Plan B is what I have used, Pamela, a new friend from University whose currently struggling with the transition from living at home to living in a share-house with 3 other people she didn’t know previously. Overall I’m happy with the interview and the image I’ve used, however I wish I had been able to record more ambient sounds. I enjoyed the assessment nonetheless. 


“Home is where my family is” – Pamela Seckin

Pamela Seckin, 22, feels most at home when her family is close by. Her childhood home in Campbelltown is where her fondest memories have been formed for the past seventeen years. Over time her siblings moved out of home until it was just Pamela and her parents. 

Three months ago Pamela and her family moved out of their home and Pamela has now relocated into a share house for University. Looking back, Pamela’s feelings have started to change about her childhood home as “it didn’t feel like a family home anymore because the family wasn’t there.” 


*Note – music used is “To Build A Home” – Cinematic Orchestra. This music was obtained through copy-right free methods. I do not own this track. 

“Doing what makes you happy is the most important thing in the world” – Daisy Valerio

Daisy (19) has moved away from her home town of Byron to pursue her music theatre career. Being accepted into Brent Street in Sydney was a huge step for her. “Although living away from home is difficult at times.. I’m doing what I am most passionate about and that’s what is important to me and my family.” Daisy was also the lead role in the recent production of Cinderella at Brent Street which was a huge opportunity for her and has also travelled to the US. 


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