“What’s Hidden?” Assignment #3 Proposal

It’s taken me quite some time to not only try to understand the “What’s Hidden” brief to the best of my ability but to also think of a creative, individual idea for my project. I’ve discussed this concept with close family members and friends and each have suggested things that are important to them; art, music, wildlife, culture, travel, politics and much more. However, it dawned on me that why weren’t we focusing on the individual? Us?  


Self-esteem is something that we all battle with regularly. However, it tends to be most prominent in younger girls (teens – young adults). Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves: it’s not just how we look but how we feel about how we look. Eating-disorders, low self-esteem and depression are the most common mental health problems in young girls.

For my project I have decided to film and take photos of a group of young girls, individually removing their makeup. A façade that the majority of us hide behind for several reasons. I will also be interviewing girls who don’t wear makeup at all. I’m not saying either is morally correct – the purpose of my project is to investigate and share the opinions of young girls on this concept.

I’m still undecided on how I will be filming the girls – whether I should film and shoot in black and white or colour and whether I should get them all to wear the same thing. I know I will be using an instrumental backing track – and for my ambient sounds I am also still undecided but I do know I am going to be very selective with them and will be the last things I add to my piece. So far I have a list of about 40 girls from the age of 16-24 who have put their hand up to help me out. Anyone else who is interested don’t hesitate to contact me.