“Home is where my family is” – Pamela Seckin

Pamela Seckin, 22, feels most at home when her family is close by. Her childhood home in Campbelltown is where her fondest memories have been formed for the past seventeen years. Over time her siblings moved out of home until it was just Pamela and her parents. 

Three months ago Pamela and her family moved out of their home and Pamela has now relocated into a share house for University. Looking back, Pamela’s feelings have started to change about her childhood home as “it didn’t feel like a family home anymore because the family wasn’t there.” 


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“Doing what makes you happy is the most important thing in the world” – Daisy Valerio

Daisy (19) has moved away from her home town of Byron to pursue her music theatre career. Being accepted into Brent Street in Sydney was a huge step for her. “Although living away from home is difficult at times.. I’m doing what I am most passionate about and that’s what is important to me and my family.” Daisy was also the lead role in the recent production of Cinderella at Brent Street which was a huge opportunity for her and has also travelled to the US. 


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“Youtube is the main reason I chose to study Journalism”


“Making youtube videos is the main factor why I chose my degree. Without Youtube, I think I would’ve been stuck on what to study. Youtube has really given me confidence as it puts me out of my comfort zone.” – Veronica Cremen (18, Bachelor of Media and Communications, Bachelor of Journalism).

At only 15, Veronica uploaded a video of her accidentally being hit by her bestfriend with a waterbottle. “We were laughing about it so much and we thought it would honestly get no views and it would just be for laughs and between us.” However, overnight it had reached 1000 views and had several comments from viewers asking Veronica and her friend to upload more. This led to Miss Cremen exploring Youtube in a whole new way. Stumbling upon the fashion and beauty side of Youtube was how Veronica decided what videos she would upload next. “I realised that this was an avenue I’d really like to explore. It was the best thing I ever did.” Cremen states.

Although your hobbies tend to not co-exist with your academic pursuits, this is not the case for Veronica. Studying Journalism and Media and Communications there are many skills that you either need to learn, or already have. And, Veronica feels she already has those fundamental skills that she can hopefully work on during her studies. “Making Youtube videos has  given me skills on camera placement, speaking in front of crowds, and knowledge about media platforms, advertising, digital media and the ever-growing world of social media. Which, has also made me aware of the possible jobs that may exist at the end of my degree.”

Making Youtube videos has also created many opportunities for Veronica and she is very enthusiastic of what the future holds for her. She has become friends with a few different bands (Elephant Laundry) and has a video uploaded of her doing Dylan Cartwright’s makeup (the lead singer). This has led to her doing their makeup for photoshoots, music videos and shows. Veronica has also been introduced to Mary Kay and is now a senior consultant for them. “Having contacts is really important, and I am close with the owner of Boom video who I’m going to sign with soon, which will hopefully create more opportunities for me in the future.”

Veronica is looking forward to what the future holds and can already see how things have started to change. “Starting my channel in 2010, there wasn’t many Australian YouTubers out there, but now there is so many! It’s great to see Australians out there on the platform and showcasing their best efforts.”

However, Miss Cremen states that becoming a full-time Youtuber isn’t a priority right now. “Being 18 years old I’m balancing my life between University, jobs, friends and traveling. Who knows that the future holds though!”

Link to Veronica’s Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/girlbeyoutee/featured

A list of other Youtube accounts that Veronica shared as her inspirations:

Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07)

Kandee Johnson

Troye Sivan


Thatcher Joe

Caspar Lee

Jack & Finn

A whole new world



“Wollongong is pretty different from the Sutherland Shire, it’s much more diverse”. – Scott Poynton

19-year-old Scott has spent the last few years trying to adapt to a huge move from Bexley in South London to the Sutherland Shire in Sydney. Travelling is certainly no new thing to Scott and over the Easter long weekend and university break he is going on a family trip to Darwin which is the only place in Australia he hasn’t been. Scott awkwardly admitted that he “didn’t even know Wollongong had a beach”. However, his found people he can connect with at Uni (especially through his love of Game of Thrones). Thus, his blurry transition into uni life is becoming clearer each day.

“I’m really not sure where I want to go…”



Seventeen year old Brianna Kennedy has the world at her feet but is being pulled in many different directions. Outside of university life Brianna spends her time playing netball, reading books, drawing and listening to music. However, as university life has become the main priority for her she has put her other passions on pause. “I regret not playing netball this year”, says Brianna. However, her passions have also been a way in which she has connected with people. “I find music relaxing. I’ve made lots of friends here at university already through mutual love of music.” Brianna also spends a lot of her time writing a diary, mostly just “observations about her day” and she “likes to look back to see how much I’ve changed.”

“I love getting lost in a good book” – Marlee Silva


Quick witted, adventurous 18-year-old Marlee has two main passions…. reading and creative writing. John Green is an author that is among her favourites to read and in return he has a significant influence on Marlee’s compositions. She is a studious young adult who cherishes the “books that make you think and question” the most.  A long with a lot of other first year students she is quite unsure of where her future will lead her. On another note her skills in creative writing will certainly come in handy whilst studying Journalism at UOW.  This image captures  Marlee in her favourite state of mind and surrounded by the one thing she really loves – books.