Out with the old, in with the new.


Glued to his phone, Jake Cupitt is excited about what the future may bring for him.

Although they are four completely different people; journalism students Jake Cupitt, David Atherton, Tiarne Blackwell and Briana Kennedy all agree that traditional media will cease to exist in the near future.

“I think that with the prevalence of digital media and the loss of traditional print media there is a balancing act happening. People are losing their jobs in one area but jobs are being created in other areas that can make up for these losses.” says Jake Cupitt. Jake is aware of what the impact is of the rising dominance of social media in journalism. “A new job I know that’s been created at New York Times is a traffic analyst which is a person that monitors and controls the flow of traffic on the New York Times website. Something like that never would have even been thought of 20 years ago and now its a crucial part of the continued success of certain areas of the industry. Imagine what will happen in the next 20 years!!” Cupitt states. However, in Jake’s “perfect world” he would “love to work for Rolling Stone Magazine.” Jake recognises that it’ll take quite a few years and lots of experience to get there, but he has “patience”. Initially he would like to work in a lot of different areas to get a “deep understanding of the industry so that [his] skills will improve.”

Music journalism may be the path for Jake but for David sport journalism is where he is hoping his degree will take him. “My ideal job would be a sports writer or commentator for football (soccer) – hopefully in Spain, Germany or England as that’s where the best leagues are.” declares David. “My casual creative writing has aided my writing development and I rate my puns and vocabulary humour somewhat, additionally, my extensive knowledge of all sports in general – but mostly football (soccer) – allows me to provide reasonable analysis of content rather than vague descriptions.” David also agrees with Jake on the idea that the rise of social media will dominate over traditional journalism and is already happening globally. “I think that traditional print media will be on its knees and online forms of the traditional mediums will be booming – such as the online Sydney Morning Herald as opposed to the hard copy. This will raise the competitiveness for journalists as globalisation has made reporting easier to do from remote locations not nearby the event – making exclusive stories hard to come by.”

Tiarne Blackwell is another journalism student who’s thinking about what the future may hold for her and is keen on the more creative side of things. “I would love to write for a magazine or anything that I find interesting. I want to do something different and not have just a boring, normal job. I want to be able to have fun and be proud of what I do. I realise this may take a while, but that is fine.” Tiarne reveals. Tiarne’s career aspiration compares to Briana Kennedy’s as she would also like to work for a print magazine. However, Briana states that she is “not exactly career driven at this point.” and doesn’t just have one goal/job in mind.”

Both Tiarne and Briana agree with Jake and David about the increasing  nature of social media in journalism. “Technology only keeps evolving as new generations are born and older ones die out, so in a few years’ time, everyone should be technologically efficient. This will only mean that companies will increase their social media aspects. Therefore, I believe that a lot of new journalism jobs will be available” Tiarne admits.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these students you can follow their journalism journey at:

Jake Cupitt

David Atheron

Tiarne Blackwell 

Briana Kennedy


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