Uni Night Life

The University of Wollongong has many on campus sites that enables students to connect with each other and showcase their talents + interests. The Uni Bar at Wollongong is one of the most popular places on campus. So far this year we have had two huge events (Ball Park Music and the Superhero/Villain Party). Having a Uni Bar on campus obviously creates a very different atmosphere to high school but it allows students to connect outside of class and develop friendships which is very important in 1st year studies. The Superhero/Villain Party on the 17th of April showcased a local UOW student band as well as a DJ throughout the night. The Uni Bar is not only a great place to meet a wide range of people but is also a great place to share your talents no matter what they are.  Even dancing!





2 thoughts on “Uni Night Life

  1. Hey Lily. I was really pleased when I found out I got to provide feedback on your blog. I really enjoyed this read and the photo itself shows a lot of atmosphere. It was refreshing to read a university life post that didn’t centre around the nature and greenery of UOW. I also like how you talked about the drinking aspect of university as it was also something I touched on, on my blog.

    1. Thanks so much Euan! This wasn’t a posed photo at all. I was just taking photos on the super hero villain party and this guy just popped up! Haha 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for such a lovely comment!

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